welcome to etta french

0ur very first blog post! a warm hello and welcome to etta french…

I’m kathy, the founder of etta french jewellery candles. The past five months leading up to the launch have been very busy (and now even more so!) dreaming up the concept, creating the fragrances, designing the jewellery and packaging; the list is endless, but my goodness, it has so been worth it! I’m extremely proud of our product, my team and those who have helped me create it, especially for you.

etta French jewellery candle with roses violet and orange blossom

I truly believe in Etta French; I think it’s a wonderful, ethical treat, gift and brand, all completely handmade in the UK by very talented artisans; from the painters who paint the pots to the team who wrap all the little surprise jewellery parcels. There are many hands who work to bring you our unique and extra special candle.

thank you to them, and thank you to you! You’ve embraced us in the little time we’ve been here and your thoughts, comments, emails and lovely words have really meant a lot. I hope to continue bringing you beautiful, exciting treats and looking forward to seeing where this wonderful road will take us…


Love Kathy X

Etta French Jewellery Candle Rose Vetiver and Saffron


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