The Photoshoot

Back in June, we set upon the path to our first photoshoot. Our gorgeous jewellery candles were ready and looking divine, needing an equally stylish backdrop for the photo shoot. We chose The Old Rectory  in Hastings Old Town as our setting… now for the perfect photographer.

The great thing about Hastings and St Leonards (where Etta French is from) is the abundance of very talented and creative people who reside and work here – one such lady being local photographer Georgina Piper So when looking for the right person to shoot the launch of Etta French, there was no doubt in my mind who it would be…

Georgina, in her own words, was born a daydreamer, a lover of all seasons and the light; so she was never not going to be a photographer. Romantic and emotionally driven, she captures a story very softly and organically. She was just the perfect woman for the job.

Georgina Piper Photography Hastings East Sussex

We caught up with Georgina about the shoot and her thoughts on Etta French…

What made you agree to shoot Etta French?

I had previously worked with Kathy, photographing her beautiful Pearl and Queenie  jewellery so when she approached me regarding Etta French, I jumped at the chance.

Etta French Jewellery Candles on a Roll Top Bath Photographed by Georgina Piper Photography at The Old Rectory Hastings

How was it, and what was your inspiration and direction whilst filming?

Kathy and I had a few meetings in the early stages of Etta prior to shooting to discuss the direction of the photography. The key thing was to represent not only a wonderful fragrance but also this beautiful piece of jewellery hidden inside the candle.

As the packaging arrived and Kathy had the jewellery for the candles, the styling and inspiration for the photographs grew organically from there: the pastel colours on the Etta French boxes are a little sugary and sweet but the gold accents add a touch of luxury, so we wanted to find something sophisticated but also really cool - like pop sugar but all grown up.

Because of the jewellery inside the candles it was always clear that the background couldn’t be too busy for jewellery shots. So instead of loud, busy sets we chose three key colours as plain backdrops and from then we would need to find a lifestyle backdrop that was simple, fresh and offered beautiful light.

We eventually decided that The Old Rectory Hotel in Hastings, with its chalky paints and low-key, seaside charm would work very nicely as a backdrop for Etta. We shot our first day at Etta French HQ for the product shots with the flowers and then used the second day at The Old Rectory to set up and shoot lifestyle shots.

Etta French Jewellery Candles Interiors Photographed by Georgina Piper Photography at The Old Rectory Hastings


What is your favourite scent in the range?

All of the candles smell so beautiful but my absolute favourite is Rose, Saffron and Vetiver.

Any highlights or favourite photos from the shoot?

Having the chance to shoot the candles with The Old Rectory in Hastings Old Town as a backdrop was a real dream. It’s really important to pair the product with the right background and we certainly found that here. The Old Rectory has a contemporary, stylish vibe with their Crown Room containing gorgeous chalky-grey painted floorboards.

We worked with florist Emily Mathison, head designer at the prestigious McQueens who provided all of the flowers that paired with the fragrance of the candles. Emily brought along some peachy David Austin roses and I could have photographed them with the candles all day long.

It was such a pleasure to be a part of the first shots for Etta French and I’m so excited to see where Etta will go from here.

Etta French Jewellery Candles Rose photographed by Georgina Piper Photography at The Old Rectory Hastings

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